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Most of us have had to figure things out on our own and find a way to "fit" in the world. Dominated by religious dogma and social stigma, our manly desire for other men has been fragmented, compartmentalized--broken up--and channeled into promiscuity or total fear of intimacy. Times, they are a changing, and yes, we have come a long way. But even those in long-term relationships or marriages to either men or women can hardly speak openly with their partners about their unique or badly unexplored desires and kinks. When in the dark, when unaddressed, these aspects of our Jungian shadow can many times lead to risky behavior in which abuse (physical or mental), distrust and low self-esteem are usually present.

This is what we need to heal from and a path to getting there is what my work provides. 

Tailored to the individual, BODY & SOUL healing sessions combine: attention and care of physical ailments, re-balancing of male and female energies within the body; letting go of mind and body control, and journeying (drumming provided + hand-selected music) to ‘higher and lower worlds of consciousness’ to awaken spiritual guidance. Elements of LEATHER are mindfully incorporated into the sessions. We will always discuss this and more in person at the session itself.

Sessions in NYC are best experienced at my studio in Manhattan Midtown West but I can come to see you on a case-by-case scenario. I do not, however, offer outcalls to hotels. If you're visiting New York City, you must come to see me. For those outside NY, I have worked with clients in Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Lima, Peru; and I do like to travel, so follow me on Twitter for upcoming travel dates. For those looking to venture out and expand their experiences in Peru, I have access to an affordable and lovingly cared-for lodging space in Central Cusco. We can talk about that as well.

Finally, please note my healing work does not use ayahuasca. It is holotropic breathwork-oriented.  


No prior experience in leather or shamanism necessary to book an appointment. 


My goal is not just to "sage" your space. With intention, you can do that yourself. 

What I'm interested in is in seeing you grow, in helping you change the place where you rest or where you toil so that they can have a balance of airiness, light and playfulness. 

All jobs in this area are planned and negotiated based on realistic, achievable goals that can be a one-time deal or an on-going transformative experience with a clear deadline of completion. 

I can travel within Manhattan and the larger NY metro area, as well as upstate New York and Long Island.